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Dear customer,
Thank you for being a
    1    user of AnythingGoes.com.


  1. (A) register
    (B) registered
    (C) registration
    (D) registry


We want to make you    2    that on Monday 29th of January at 9:30am British Standard Time, we plan on carrying out important scheduled maintenance    3    our website. This work should take no longer than 1 hour and may result in a slight     4     to service.


  1. (A) aware of
    (B) aware
    (C) be aware of
    (D) known


  1. (A) on
    (B) in
    (C) to
    (D) around


  1. (A) intervention
    (B) invasion
    (C) corruption
    (D) disruption

This work is extremely important for us to complete, so that we can continue improving the services that we deliver through the website.
During this time, we recommend that you avoid
   5    your resources via our website, to limit any disruption during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, and our technology team will attempt to    6    any disruption to a minimum.


  1. (A) accessing
    (B) assessing
    (C) to asset
    (D) to ace


  1. (A) increase
    (B) keep
    (C) conceive
    (D) construct


If you have any questions once the maintenance has been completed, please contact us via our support page.

Kind Regards,
AnythingGoes.com Customer Service Team



  1. (B) registered
  2. (B) aware
  3. (A) on
  4. (D) disruption
  5. (A) accessing
  6. (B) keep


  1. (A) register是動詞,為「登記、註冊」意思
    (B) registered為「已註冊過」意思,Registered user英文解釋是A user who has previously registered.已經註冊過的用
    (C) user registration才是常見的用法,為「用登記、註冊」意思。而Registration number是車牌號碼,也可以用Reg、License plate number表示。結婚登記就是Marriage registration
    (D) registry是「登記」、「登記處」,Bridal registry(或Wedding registry)就是新婚賀禮服務意思(國外新婚夫妻會在商店辦理這種送禮服務,讓親朋好友可以透過線上或前去店裡看夫妻寫的禮物清單,方便購買禮物贈送新婚夫妻)
  2. (A) aware of是「知道;小心」的意思。例如Most voters are aware of the importance of this election.多數選民了解這次選舉的重要性
    (B) aware 後面接that就可以加完整句子,例如Britta was aware that they talked behind her back.布蕾塔知道他們在說她壞
  3. (A) 形容某事物資訊在網站上是用On,想像一下當我們用電腦、手機看網站時候,頁面都會從螢幕(Screen)上跳出來。
  4. (A) intervention是「介入、調停」名詞意思,動詞為Intervene
    (B) invasion是「入侵」,動詞為Invade
    (C) corruption為「貪汙、貪腐」名詞,也有損壞意思,例如Data corruption資料毀損
    (D) disruption是「中斷;分裂、瓦解(物理或思想等瓦解)」,Disruption to就是指某事物的中斷。The obstacles had been removed and all lines reopened, however, disruption to trains will continue due to some technical problems. 即使清除障礙物、重新開放所有路線,火車因為技術上問題持續中斷行駛
  5. (A) accessing的動詞為access「讀取(電腦資訊);獲得;進入」,名、動詞都有。Access to是指(為了前往某地/使用某物)途徑、方法、管道。The only access to the castle is by boat. 前往城堡唯一方法就是乘船
    (B) assessing評估、估計(價錢)。所以Tax assessor就是估稅員
    (C) asset是財產、資產意思,沒有動詞形式
    (D) ace除了當撲克牌中的A,動詞意思為「(高分)通過考試」,例如Can you teach me how to ace the quiz?你能教我如何通過明天小考嗎
  6. (A) increase是增加意思
    (B) keep something to a minimum是一個片語,指「盡可能將…降到最低、最少、最小」
    (C) conceive是構想,常見有Conceive of構思、想像。It’s hard to conceive of some people making more money while working less. 很難想像有些人不用時常工作也能賺大錢
    (D) construct是建造(房子)意思





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